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  Community Center "Prosveta-1946" Dolno Ozirovo, Bulgaria

National Cultural Center "Prosveta-1946" Dolno Ozirovo, Bulgaria is included in the initiative "Ayde na horoto" (Come to dance) on April 10, 2012 under number 235.
Under this initiative Center "Prosveta-1946" was donated five music CDs with Bulgarian folk dances from
Music discs with Bulgarian folk dances:

1. CD Balkanfolk 2000 - Bulgarian Folk Dances
2. CD Balkanfolk 2001 - Bulgarian Folk Dances
3. CD Balkanfolk 2002 - Bulgarian Folk Dances
4. CD Balkanfolk 2003 - Bulgarian Folk horà
5. CD Balkanfolk 2007 - Bulgarian Folk horà
Directory of groups and organizations using music legally Balkanfolk
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